QueQ: Making us more productive while enabling social distancing

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Article, Startup & Business

QueQ: Making us more productive while enabling social distancing

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Article, Startup & Business

Digital innovation plays a major role in the 21st century and it influences the global economy in many efficient ways. Many challenges are being solved through digital innovation. In our daily life, we all go to many service providers such as restaurants, banks, hospitals, and so on. Waiting in lines leads to wasted time and boredom. We could not leave our queue even though we could have something important to do. QueQ was developed to solve this problem.

CEO of QueQ

QueQ application promises us no more queues and waiting in line. This application allows us to spend time on useful things instead of waiting in line. Rungsun Promprasith, the CEO of QueQ, developed the application with his software house team in 2015. It is now widely used in Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Philippine, and Malaysia.

“Walking back and forth to nearby shops while I waited, my mood would constantly sway between the boredom of sitting put and worrying about missing out on my turn,” remembers Rungsun Promprasith of the hours he spent waiting in an interminable queue at a bank in Bangkok. This experience inspired the idea of QueQ.

He and his team developed the application and he got lots of positive feedback from users. Users only need to download the app and get a queuing from the service point. And then they can spend their time on anything until they get a notification from the app telling them that their turn is coming. “It is not only designed to solve a queuing problem but to solve any kind of time-wasting problems in people’s daily life. Once they have a problem like this, they will think of QueQ,” said Rungsun. “We want to be people’s every-day app, and a location-based app, that can create new businesses.”

Rungsun said QueQ use B2B(Business to Business model) and gain revenue from corporates who pay for the queuing solution. Their targets are government service providers, telco outlets, hospitals, and restaurants. Believe it or not, QueQ is more than just an application now and its business valuation is approximately 14 million USD. You can see QueQ screen at many restaurants and banks.

Since Rungsun would like to make QueQ more than app used for queuing, he is planning to do add a delivery function, payment system, and pre-order features. As a trial, the delivery feature was tested at Chulalongkorn University with student’s delivery.

Rungsun explained, “I am a software developer and have another 3 application startups. They are a travel app called Follovv, part-time job platform called Daywork, and work planning tool named Makub. QueQ is like a parent company for those applications and owns about 30 percent of investment and the other 70 percent are for founders. So, I got students, part-time workers, from Daywork that has currently 20,000 student users.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic period, many businesses are unstable in cashflow but Rungsun’s business grows more than before. By supporting social distancing QueQ is helping the prevention of virus transmission. Event the Embassy of Thailand in London called Rungsun to use QueQ for their immigration. “Because of the pandemic, many Thai citizens are coming to the embassy for visa issues and they were not able to control the crowd. So, I helped them by providing QueQ and there is no more crowd waiting in front of the embassy,” claimed Rungsun.

“Today, the digital economy solves problems especially crises like COVID-19 period that means the digital economy is very significant things and it is not just money, it is how we can live. More than just making money, more than just economic, that is something that our society can move on.”

To download the QueQ application: click Android, ios